How Do You Make a Sound Play on Click or Rollover?

One of the features of PC applications is that there is analysis when you achieve something. The most broadly perceived kind of info is sound. The PC clicks when you select things, signals when there are bungles, and makes various commotions to alert you to conditions. In any case, site pages don’t have this sort of analysis. This makes them seem, by all accounts, to be dull or non-responsive.

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Luckily it’s definitely not hard to change that. Using dynamic HTML characteristics and sounds, you can make a site page that showings logically like an application.

Incorporate Sound When a Customer Clicks Something

This substance will incorporate sound impacts when a customer taps on something using the quality and when a customer moves over something using the property. Make sure to test them in different projects, as not all web programs handle on mouseover and on snap qualities on parts other than associations.

Recognize the going with substance in the HEAD of your HTML file:

<script language=”javascript” type=”text/javascript”>

work playSound(soundfile) {

document.getElementById(“dummy”).innerHTML= “<embed src=\””

+soundfile+”\” hidden=\”true\” autostart=\”true\”




Spot Sound in an Empty Span

The JavaScript places an EMBED segment inside an empty SPAN segment when the substance is begun. Along these lines, you need to incorporate the going with SPAN mark some spot inside the BODY of your HTML page, preferably near the most astounding purpose of the record:

<span id=”dummy”></span>

Call the Script With an Attribute

The careful inverse thing you need to incorporate is a segment that you have to make the sound on snap or on mouseover. Call the substance with one of these attributes. Displace UrlToSoundFile with the full URL to the sound record you’d like it to play:

<a href=”#” onclick=”playSound(‘UrlToSoundFile’);”>Click here to hear a sound</a>

<p onmouseover=”playSound(‘UrlToSoundFile’);”>Mouse over this substance to hear a sound</p>

Here is the entire HTML report, playing the sound of a bluejay. The sound record is secured in a comparative vault as the HTML page:

<!doctype html>



<meta charset=”ISO-8859-1″/>

<title>Example of How to Play a Sound on Click or on MouseOver</title>

<script language=”javascript” type=”text/javascript”>

work playSound(soundfile) {


“<embed src=\””+soundfile+”\” hidden=\”true\” autostart=\”true\” loop=\”false\”/>”;





<span id=”dummy”></span>

<p><a href=”#” onclick=”playSound(‘zbluejay.wav’);”>Click here to hear a winged creature sing</a></p>

<p onmouseover=”playSound(‘zbluejay.wav’);”>Or you can put your mouse over this area to hear a comparable winged animal sound.</p>



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