How to Update Chromecast?

Google dongles are superb for spilling content through a PC or cell phone. Be that as it may, similarly as with every single associated gadget, the Chromecast firmware should be refreshed now and again. Be that as it may, with such a direct interface it’s not promptly clear how to do this.

Luckily, these means will tell you the best way to ensure your Chromecast is running the most recent firmware.

Step by step instructions to Update Your Chromecast Firmware Automatically

Google consequently pushes out new Chromecast firmware, so in many occasions you ought to have the most recent accessible adaptation. Nonetheless, such rollouts are regularly stunned, so the most recent firmware form may set aside effort to introduce. This is what you can do to attempt and incite a programmed update.

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01-Go to Google’s to check the most recent firmware variant accessible for your Chromecast gadget.

02-If you haven’t as of now, download and introduce the on your or Android gadget.

03-Ensure your Chromecast is fueled on and prepared to get a Cast flag.

04-Make beyond any doubt your cell phone and your Chromecast are both associated with a similar Wi-Fi arrange.

05-Open the cell phone application and find your Chromecast gadget, at that point tap the gadget symbol to get an outline of it.

06-Tap the apparatus symbol to open gadget settings.

07-Scroll to the base of the page to uncover the Cast firmware form. This is the present firmware your gadget is running.

08-Compare your gadget’s firmware with the most recent accessible form on Google’s Chromecast bolster page (stage 1). In the event that the firmware form on the Chromecast bolster page is more up to date (a more prominent number) than the assemble you have on your gadget, you can endeavor to support a programmed update by means of the Google Home application.

09-To attempt and empower a programmed update, ensure you’re still in the Device settings page (stage 5).

10-Tap the three level specks symbol.

11-A spring up window will dispatch with extra alternatives. Tap Reboot to restart your Chromecast gadget.

12-Your Chromecast dongle will close itself down and naturally restart. Amid this procedure, it will attempt to download and introduce the most recent accessible firmware.

13-If the firmware is accessible, the establishment procedure will appear on your associated TV.

14-once the update is finished, you’ll have the capacity to utilize your Chromecast as ordinary.

15-To check your Chromecast is presently running the most recent firmware, rehash stages 3 through 5.

16-That’s it! Your Chromecast should now be naturally refreshed.

Step by step instructions to Force a Chromecast Firmware Update

On the off chance that new Chromecast firmware is accessible, however your gadget hasn’t refreshed, you can attempt to compel your Chromecast to download it.


01-To drive a firmware update by means of Windows PC, turn it on and ensure it’s associated with a similar system as your Chromecast.

02-Search for “Windows Powershell” and select Windows PowerShell to dispatch it.

03-Type in the accompanying order, supplanting [IP ADDRESS] with your Chromecast’s IP address:

04-Press Enter.

05-Windows PowerShell will presently educate your Chromecast to attempt and recover and introduce the most recent firmware.

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